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One of West Coast Grease Traps Service Vehicles

West Coast Grease Traps is among Washington’s fastest growing grease trap service providers. It has been our experience that some grease trap companies just skim the top of the grease trap.

At West Coast Grease Traps you can be certain that 100% of the trap’s content will be pumped out.

We take pride in what we do and you can be certain whether you have multiple locations or just a single location, your waste disposal will happen in total compliance with all city and state regulations.


STRONG ENOUGH TO DEPEND ONOur customers benefit from our specially built trucks that have larger vacuum units with increased suction power.

This means we can run up to hundreds of feet of hose on any of our trucks, thus avoiding the use of portable vacuum units. The benefit to you is the odors that are typically released during grease trap cleanings gets get sucked into the hose and out of the building and do not fill up your kitchen or restaurant.
We are the ONLY grease trap service provider with an all in one vacuum truck specifically built for parking garages with as low as a 6’4″ height. Our trucks are built with short wheel bases and low clearance so they fit in tight parking garages.


At West Coast Grease Traps we have found the best way of disposing waste is to recycle it a Bio Digester. A Bio Digester will mix your grease trap waste along with farm collected manure and other energy intensive products that together are processed to create:

  • Methane Gas Green Energy
    These gases are collected and used to generate electricity by Puget Sound Energy who in turn channels that energy back into the power grid.
  • Compost, both liquid and solid
    By disposing of your grease trap waste properly, both liquid and solid compost are created which then benefit Washington State farmers. Now you too can partner up with West Coast Grease Traps to become an important part of keeping usable waste out of the landfills and making a positive solution for our future.