A complete guide to cleaning, choosing, and maintaining Grease Traps.
grease trap cleaning and maintaining guide

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A complete guide to cleaning, choosing, and maintaining Grease Traps.

Grease traps in restaurants may go unseen, which is typically good. You shouldn’t have to consider it if it complements your kitchen, functions effectively, and is serviced regularly.

Whether or not your team ever sees the grease trap, they must understand how to care for it properly. Equally crucial is making sure your restaurant has properly sized equipment. It is a little action that will pay off greatly in the future. But first, what exactly is a grease trap, and how do you maintain it?


What Is a Grease Trap?

Several county’s mandate that restaurant kitchens include grease traps to stop fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering the local sewage system and generating issues like clogs. These traps may be found outside or in the kitchen. In commercial kitchens, a grease trap is a plumbing fixture that is installed.

Grease traps come in two main categories. As their name suggests, they require manual cleaning. The most popular grease trap in commercial kitchens is a manual one. 

Automatic grease traps automatically remove FOG according to a set schedule, but they still need to be cleaned and maintained periodically.

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Why is Grease Trap necessary?

Grease trap cleaning is a necessary yet unpleasant task. Blockages are caused by FOG released into the sewage system. Regular trap cleaning will assist you in avoiding contributing to this issue and lower your likelihood of experiencing pricey plumbing issues. Additionally, it can eliminate bad odors that have built up in FOG. If you break the rules of grease trap upkeep, you could face regulatory fines and perhaps have your business shut down.

Finally, grease accumulation is a significant factor in restaurant fires. A fire could result from improper grease trap cleaning and maintenance, costing you thousands of dollars in property damage and lost revenue. If you are looking for grease trap repair in Seattle, do take on the services West Coast Grease Traps offers.


Purpose of A Grease Trap

The FOG that rises to the surface of wastewater before it hits the drain is caught by grease traps, also known as grease interceptors. Because they are less thick than water, fats and oils float to the surface. A grease trap slows the wastewater flow and separates it into three layers: wastewater on the bottom, solids in the middle, and FOG on top. The FOG cannot go into the sewer pipes with the water due to a baffle device. West Coast Grease Traps offers grease trap repair in Tacoma and are known for their quick and professional services.



How to Clean Your Restaurant Grease Traps Thoroughly

  • Although the procedure is very straightforward, getting rid of the fats, oils, and grease that can build up in the trap involves some tools and manual labor.
  • It would help if you grabbed equipment like rubber gloves to protect your hands, a mask or nose plug to block odors, protective coveralls, a crowbar and wrench to raise the grease trap lid, a scraper, a steel pot scrubber, dish soap, and a shop vacuum.
  • Remember that certain grease traps are so big that it is advisable to leave the work to experts. If you need professionals, contact West coast Grease Traps for grease trap cleaning in auburn.
  • It is simpler to remove fats, oils, and grease when the water is cool because they float to the surface. To prevent the grease trap from overflowing while you are cleaning, ensure sure the dishwasher is off and that the sinks are not in use.
  • Use the crowbar to unlock the grease trap. To open the grease trap, you might need a wrench or other tools if there are bolts. 
  • The following step entails using a scraper to remove any debris that has adhered to the trap’s lid, sides, and baffles. After scraping everything off, use the shop vac to vacuum away the dirt and any FOG that is still there.
  • Now is the time to get the dish scrubber, soap, and warm water. After fully cleaning the grease trap, thoroughly rinse it with fresh water. The next step is to verify your work by running a gallon of fresh water through the sink. The water should be able to pass through the grease trap unhindered.
  • If you discover a blockage, you might need to contact a qualified plumber to resolve the problem. If not, you can put the baffle and lid back in place. Every four to six weeks, this procedure needs to be done.

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Maintaining Your Restaurant Grease Traps

You run the possibility of clogging, which can result in drainage problems or overflows if you don’t manage your restaurant grease traps. 

  • Establishing and observance of a regular cleaning schedule is the most crucial aspect of grease trap maintenance. 
  • To prevent your personnel from pouring grease down the drains, install a grease disposal bin and train your staff to use them rather than spilling oils and fats down the drain.
  • Before rinsing, staff should scrap the plates into the trash. It can lessen the fat and food debris entering your drain. 
  • Have your sink drains installed with screens from a plumber. It can assist in preventing FOG from entering your pipes. Additionally, it would help if you regularly inspect your grease trap with qualified specialists.
  • The task of cleaning the grease trap is made easier when you take care of your grease trap. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood of fire, smells, and plumbing issues.

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Taking Care of Your Restaurant’s Grease Trap with West Coast Grease Traps

Running a restaurant takes a lot of labor and frequently entails unpleasant duties like cleaning the grease trap. The success of your restaurant lies in how well the grease trap is cleaned and maintained, whether you hire a professional to do it or do it yourself.

You can get competent and prompt grease trap repair in auburn from West Coast Grease Traps and leave the bother to us. Contact us right away to learn more or to get a price quote.


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