A Guide to Finding a Good Grease Trap Contractor in Auburn
A Guide to Finding a Good Grease Trap Contractor

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A Guide to Finding a Good Grease Trap Contractor in Auburn

Are you in the business of operating a restaurant, cafe, or another establishment that has a commercial kitchen? 

Then regular maintenance and grease trap cleaning in Auburn is necessary for smooth operation and compliance with health codes. Failing to comply with these requirements could result in a business audit, penalty fees, or even closure. It’s essential to have a reliable service you can count on repeatedly. Using these tips, you can find a legit service that suits your grease trap needs.


What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Your Grease Trap at regular intervals?


Keep the buildup to a minimum.

It takes a while to decompose in your grease trap, so if left there too long, it will clog the system and damage it. A reduction in functionality is another option. You can save money on maintenance by regularly cleaning your grease trap. By doing this, you can prevent the accumulation of debris, bad smells, and unpleasant conditions in your kitchen.

Maintain a clean environment.

Cleaning grease traps in Auburn can also help protect the environment, an increasingly important issue. Leaving a grease trap unclean for a long period can lead to blockages and leaks that damage the environment. It is difficult to dissolve grease trap waste, which can cause damage if it leaks.

Keep sewer problems at bay.

Sewers and drainage systems use grease traps to collect waste, which can cause blockages and damage to pipes if they become too full. Sometimes, you may need to perform emergency plumbing maintenance and shut down your restaurant for a while leading to unwanted grease trap repair in Auburn. It will not only cost you significant money, but it will also cost you a day or two of business. You can save a lot of money by cleaning grease traps regularly.

Ensure kitchen hygiene

A full grease trap can drip oil onto people’s clothes, the floor, and even the food once it is full. A bad smell and germs in the air can affect your employees or customers. You’ll avoid unhealthy environments and lawsuits by cleaning grease traps regularly.

Keep Up with Regulations

As grease trap waste is harmful and damaging, restaurants must adhere to regulations requiring grease traps to be cleaned regularly to avoid damage. A violation of these regulations may result in a large fine from the authorities.


Tips for Hiring Grease Trap Cleaning Services


Do Research


Investigate the company and find out how they handle waste after it has been pumped out. An NCDEQ-certified facility hauls and recycles FOG for the service. The waste from commercial grease traps will be converted into biofuel and compost by recycling plants.

You must also determine whether the company offers under-sink cleaning, interceptor pumping, and other related services. Sometimes, a company may only offer one service rather than the other you require.


Ask Questions


Make sure you ask as many questions as possible during the interview. Consider asking the following questions:

  • Do you have an ongoing maintenance schedule?
  • Can you handle emergency calls promptly?
  • Have you been in business for a long time?
  • What is the current number of commercial kitchens that you service?


Check Credentials


It’s vital to check the credentials of grease trap pumping companies before hiring them. Inquire about their licenses and certifications and whether they are insured. Asking around for recommendations is also a good idea. Business owners who have previously worked with other companies can give the best recommendations.

Look at Reviews


Read reviews of grease trap pumping companies to get an idea of their services. You can also inquire about their services from other businesses using them. You will see how other customers feel about the product by reading reviews. 


Consider asking the company about the services they offer, their pricing, and their customer service. Social media presence is also something you should consider. The response time to customer inquiries or complaints will give you an idea of how active they are.

Ask for References


Contacting the company and asking for personal references is the final step. This list consists of past and present clients who were satisfied with the services provided by the company. You could also ask further questions regarding the reviewers’ experiences by responding to their comments.


What are the Grease trap services offered by West Coast Grease Traps?


In need of a grease trap cleaning company for your restaurant? You can count on West Coast Grease Trap if that’s the case. With our grease trap pumping in Auburn and nearby areas, we can provide our clients with thorough and dependable maintenance solutions.

You can trust our professional technicians to ensure your grease trap performs at its best when you work with us. We offer quick and effective grease trap cleaning services.

Our service aims to care for greasy issues so you can concentrate entirely on your business. The following are some of the services you can expect from West Coast Grease Trap:

Call us today to get a quote.

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