A Simple Checklist To Know If Your Grease Trap Is Working Properly
Checklist to check if your grease trap is working properly

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A Simple Checklist To Know If Your Grease Trap Is Working Properly

You will find grease traps everywhere you go in restaurants, homes, and institutions. Your sink can become clogged with residue from fats, oils, and solids if you don’t use a grease trap in Olympia. For grease traps to function properly, they must be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. You could risk your family’s health by having dirty grease traps in your restaurant or at home.


By investing in regular grease trap cleaning, you will avoid getting to a point where your grease trap needs to be cleaned extensively. A grease trap cleaning service can ensure that your restaurant equipment remains in good condition and makes the most of your existing assets.

It may be time to schedule a grease trap cleaning after a while if it has been a while since your last appointment. Here is a checklist that can tell whether you need grease trap pumping in Bellevue and whether it is working properly:


Checklist To Know Your Grease Trap’s Working Condition

Know How Your Grease trap Was Installed


If you have a grease trap, you would think it was properly installed if it works without a fault. This may only sometimes be the case, despite what one might think.

The installation of a grease trap in Seattle is similar to installing anything else incorrectly, which can easily lead to problems in the future. What is the best way for you to tell whether your trap is working properly or not?

Fortunately, the answer is a simple one.

The grease trap is likely to have been installed incorrectly if you notice that there is little to no grease accumulation and negligible grease collecting in the grease trap. The best thing you can do if this happens is to call a professional to come and take a look at it for you.


Avoid Pouring used oil.

A grease trap separates grease from food solids after they have been cooked, but if you discard your waste carelessly down the sink, it will fill immediately and become clogged sooner rather than later. You should remember that installing a grease trap will not let you turn your sink into a garbage disposal system, and avoid grease trap repair in Tacoma.


Regular check on block trap


There might be a reason for the water remaining in the sink or draining down too slowly, but in most cases, this indicates that you need grease trap cleaning in Auburn. A clean, unclogged sink drains water quickly and effortlessly down the drain without any problems whatsoever. Several reasons cause foul-smelling odors to develop in the sink area as grease builds up over time. Undoubtedly, this gets worse the more your grease trap gets clogged.

Install screens under your sink


To ensure that food pieces and grease do not enter sewer collection lines and contaminate our streams and rivers, you can purchase and install a steel screen under your sink. Putting a screen under your sink might seem pointless if you’re already scraping all the food from utensils. If you think of it this way, you may have some food or gravy in the sink, which gets mixed up during rush hours. Your staff only has a little time on their hands. Screens are always useful in such cases, and grease trap pumping in Federal Way.


Get in touch with a Grease Trap Maintenance Provider


Contacting qualified professionals is the best way to go regarding grease trap cleaning in Tacoma and maintenance. It is not feasible to attempt to do all this work yourself; therefore, availing services from a professional is the right way to approach any problem related to your grease trap. 

You don’t have to worry about your grease traps at all if you use their services as they are effective, know how to comply with state and federal laws, and relieve you of the hassle.

The money you spend on the extra protection may seem unnecessary initially, but it is worth it. When regulations are not followed, serious fines and penalties can be imposed.


Hire West Coast Grease Traps for your Grease Trap Pumping & Maintenance


Grease traps can be maintained more precisely and reliably with professional grease trap cleaning in Seattle methods. The grease removal services provided by West Coast Grease Traps ensure restaurants’ grease disposal is efficient, safe, and sustainable. Pressure washing, vacuuming, scraping, and scrapping are all necessary steps.

A trained expert can easily clean grease traps with professional equipment and not cause abrasive damage to your pipes or the internal structure of the traps. Using vacuum trucks to remove grease and debris from grease traps, West Coast Grease Traps ensures everything is clean, so everyone can go about their daily routine while grease trap pumping in olympia. Keeping your grease trap maintained will make your environment safer and less stressful.


Keeping your kitchen in good working order requires regular maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly. Maintaining an effective grease trap requires knowing the checklist of how it works and grease trap cleaning in Bellevue.

We would be happy to give you a free quote if you are looking for the right professionals to clean your grease traps.

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