Everything You Need to Know about Hydro Jetting

Everything You Need to Know about Hydro Jetting

Sometimes, neither a plunger nor a drain snake will be enough to clear a stubborn clog, especially for places with grease traps. Hydro jetting, which uses a high-pressure stream of water to clean drains, is offered by a drain cleaning professional for grease trap pumping in Seattle. Blockages in sewer lines are especially tough since […]

Most Common Grease Trap Issues


Introduction Grease traps are designed to perform reliably for many years, but many grease traps develop problems as they get older. When grease trap problems come up, it can be a major inconvenience in commercial kitchens and other food preparation facilities. Understanding some common grease trap problems can help you deal with the issues as […]

What Is the Process for Pumping a Grease Trap?

Common Grease Trap Issues

A grease trap in Auburn is essential for commercial kitchens, hospitals, and schools. Keeping them in good shape can help keep your business running smoothly. Unfortunately, lack of maintenance or clogging grease traps can lead to costly problems for many establishments in the food business.  Over time, grease traps accumulate Fats, Oil Greases (FOGs) in […]