Benefits of Hydro Jetting Services
Hydro Jetting Services

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Benefits of Hydro Jetting Services

Any commercial kitchen can experience clogged drains and grease traps. The obstruction of foreign objects in pipes or the presence of FOG can cause clogging or sewer backups. The clog must be moved by something more powerful than a plunger or a plumbing snake.


Hydro-jetting could be the solution. This high-pressure plumbing technology uses a specialized nozzle to produce a powerful stream of 7,000 to 60,000 psi, removing all blockages from the drain. Hydro jetting in Auburn can be an effective method for unclogging grease traps compared to other drain unclogging techniques.


Benefits of Hydro Jetting Service



Compared to other plumbing services, hydro jetting is much more accurate. Unlike other methods, professionals can see directly into your pipes in real time, so they can identify any problems before they get worse. This process eliminates any guesswork. Taking a close loWe’llappening.


Effortless residue removal

A hydro jet can efficiently remove dirt, grime, debris, residue, and other obstructions that build up over time. In the kitchen, grease hardens and obstructs pipes. Similarly, any waste can be disposed of. A hydro jetting system can also tackle bacteria and unpleasant smells in sewer lines and tree roots invading them.


It allows plumbers to tackle many sewer and sewer drain cleaning jobs without digging up expensive and time-consuming sewers. As well it is capable of cleaning hard-to-reach areas of plumbing. Meanwhile, it avoids exposing your home’s piping system to extreme measures.

Avoid Damaging Your Pipes

A video inspection is conducted first to determine the obstruction blocking the pipe. During the inspection, the pipes are also examined to determine if they are damaged or broken, and if so, repiping may be necessary instead of hydro jetting in Bellevue. It may be necessary to mechanically root the tree to let the camera pass through if the roots stop the camera.

The hydro-jetting process can begin after the drain line assessment has been completed, using the appropriate setting for the type of clog and its location. All debris is removed after the job, and the line is checked to ensure that it is clear and ready to function at its full capacity.

Ensures Sanitary Work

Plumbing professionals are the only ones who can perform traditional methods and hydro jetting, but sanitation is still important. Traditional cleaning drain pipes exposes you to the risk of debris and sewage entering your home, neighbors, and your professional. The job can be done much faster with hydro jetting in federal way, and the debris can be flushed out of the pipes much more easily. This way, harmful contaminants are less likely to be introduced and waste less time.



Compared to other pipe cleaning methods, hydro jetting is much more affordable. Additionally, it prevents repeated clogs, backups of water and waste, burst pipes, and other issues that could require future service. You save money by not having to break through drywall or open up pipes during more complicated plumbing procedures. A professional can also spot other issues early with a camera by inspecting the pipe before an emergency and resolving them before they become more serious.


Clean Your Sewer lines and drains

You should not flush your sewer system if grease, fats, soap scum, mineral deposits, soil, or other debris accumulates. The buildup of sludge inside the pipes often precedes recurrent sewer clogs.

A multitude of passes will clean your drains like never before! Hydro jetting in Tacoma clear clogs by shooting rotating streams that force their way through pipes. Those on the front of the nozzles aim forward, while those on the side aim backward, so debris is shifted out of the way in the process.



Each day brings new challenges to our environment, and we know we must all do our part to keep it safe and clean. As an environmentally friendly method, hydro jetting in olympia doesn’t use harsh chemicals that could cause damage to the environment. High-pressure water is used instead of chemicals to solve all your home’s plumbing problems. The only thing you need to do is ensure the work is performed by a qualified professional.  


Get Hydro Jetting Services at Different locations.

Clogged drains and plugged grease traps are the last thing you want in a commercial kitchen or food processing plant. With West Coast Grease’s services, your business can keep its pipes running smoothly. Instead of calling a plumber, call us! Contact our professionals for more information about grease trap cleaning in Washington or to request a service.  

We can help you regardless of the type or location of your commercial kitchen. Our company has worked in restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants, and public facilities in a different locations. 



Engineering and product development has been improved with hydro jetting. This method improves the antiquated drainage snake and takes it to a new level. In a nutshell, it works. Hydro jetting in Seattle and grease trap maintenance solutions are provided by West Coast Grease for any issue, from long-term problems to sudden clogs.

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