Choose Your Grease Trap Pumping Maintenance Service Wisely
choose wisely your Grease trap Pumping Services

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Choose Your Grease Trap Pumping Maintenance Service Wisely

Keeping the FOG in the kitchen is the most challenging problem in a commercial kitchen. Grease trap in Bellevue interceptors is installed in kitchens worldwide to address this issue. These grease removal units utilize the latest technology. In addition, FOG is caught in the wastewater from kitchen drains, dishwashers, and sinks so that it can be treated without any hindrance. 


To keep doing their job continuously and efficiently, grease traps also need regular maintenance, just like many other appliances in a kitchen. Here are some rational reasons why a commercial restaurant needs maintenance and grease trap repair in Bellevue and is best served by hiring professionals.

How does Maintenance affect a grease trap?

Back up Drains


Grease traps remove FOG from the top of the water and solid food waste from the bottom. After collecting FOGs and food debris, the grease trap allows other wastewater to flow into sewers when properly maintained. Consider Grease trap pumping in Olympia regularly to prevent overflows caused by FOG and other solid food waste, which can result in expensive emergency service pumping, drain cleaning, and property cleanup costs.

It doesn’t end there, though. The grease trap overflow can damage your pipes if it gets into your sewer system, eventually causing overflows that threaten the entire water system. Be prepared to pay serious fines if the problem is traced to your establishment.


Protection from damage


Grease traps are interceptors for oil, grease, and similar organic wastes. During maintenance, the grease in your system will slowly solidify into a solid mass since fat solidifies at room temperature. Over time, fatty waste may build up and clog your grease trap, causing your drainage system to become contaminated. You can encounter some plumbing problems in your building, including sewage backup, bacterial growth, and drain blockage. Fat accumulation in water pipes causes clogging, resulting in damaged pipes and poor water quality. 


You might be subject to serious fines if your restaurant’s grease trap overflows and contaminates the city’s sewage system once the pollution has been traced back to your restaurant. By taking preventative measures and calling a service for grease trap pumping in Bellevue before the problem becomes a problem, you will be able to avoid it before it occurs.

Costly tank replacement 


Your worries don’t just stop at the drains! When solid food waste and fats trapped in a grease trap begin to break down, they will release hydrogen sulfur gas, which, when absorbed by the grease trap walls, becomes toxic sulphuric acid, which can eventually disintegrate the steel and walls, requiring them to be replaced. Replacing and grease trap repair in Seattle is expensive and should be avoided.

Complying with local regulations and codes

Local municipalities require grease traps to be maintained regularly due to all these potential problems. It is almost universally recognized that grease should be handled in commercial kitchens under local, state, or federal laws. If you fail to abide by these regulations for proper grease trap pumping in Auburn, you may be fined heavily, suspended from operating, or even revoked your license.

Work with professional Experts


Regarding grease trap maintenance, you have no choice but to get in touch with qualified professionals. You simply can’t do everything alone; thus, trying to do everything yourself isn’t possible.

There is a reason why professionals are labeled as such. You do not have to worry about paperwork since they understand how to comply with state and federal laws and do not have to deal with the hassle of filling out forms.

It may seem unnecessary to spend the additional money, but it’s worth it. Penalties and fines can be severe if regulations are violated.

Contact a Reliable Grease Trap Maintenance Provider


Keep grease traps in the best possible condition by hiring grease trap maintenance companies that local inspectors respect. These companies, with strict protocols, will handle grease trap pumping, oil recycling, and FOG disposal methods. 


Check your post-cleaning manifest to ensure that your FOG disposal and the recycling service provider take your business’s waste to a FOG disposal and recycling facility approved by West Coast Grease Traps. Consider the case where you want to ensure your provider’s trucks and drivers are registered and inspected. Your service’s trucks and drivers may also need to be Registered and Inspected Commercial Transporters for FOG if that is the case. 


Washington businesses can rely on West Coast Grease Traps for grease trap installation and maintenance. We provide grease trap pumping and maintenance services that are reliable. We met or exceeded the safety and environmental requirements for FOG and wastewater disposal. 


As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, West Coast Grease Traps provides environmentally friendly services. Our mission is to ensure that your grease traps are in good hands with regular grease trap pumping and maintenance


Any unwanted consequences of improper grease trap pumping in Seattle and maintenance are easy to avoid if you keep your traps clean and in good condition. As a locally owned business, West Coast Grease Traps is proud to service restaurants all over the region. For more information, please contact us.

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