Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Trap Maintenance
Do's and Don'ts of Grease Trap Maintenance

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Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Trap Maintenance

Regarding grease trap cleaning in Bellevue, avoiding unnecessary consequences when they need to be maintained properly is of the utmost importance. A sewer blockage, backup, or fine is never fun.

Fortunately, preventing these things from happening is easy.

You must, however, understand grease trap repair in Seattle and maintenance’s do’s and don’ts before you can do that. The following Do’s and Don’ts will greatly simplify your life if you can learn and remember them.



Do’s: Grease traps should be properly installed.

A grease trap must have been properly installed if you have one, right? It’s only sometimes true. In the same way as anything else, grease traps can be installed incorrectly, leading to problems when used. 

What are the signs that your trap is working well? Answering this question is simple. Something needs to be fixed if your grease trap accumulates little grease, as it likely wasn’t installed properly. If this happens, you must have a professional (like us!) look at this. To help you create some best practices for removing grease and waste, grease trap cleaning in olympia services happily install everything correctly and review your kitchen habits.


Do’s: Hire a Company that Properly Disposes of Grease

Grease disposal and grease trap cleaning in Seattle is something you should know about before hiring an HVAC company. Make sure that the grease is disposed of in an environmentally friendly and safe manner by state and federal regulations.


Do’s: Hire a Professional

Grease trap repair in Tacoma requires the expertise of professionals. Although you may think they are silly, spending money on professionals, every few months is a good idea. By hiring a professional, you can be assured that you comply with federal and state regulations when grease trap cleaning in federal way.



Don’t throw food down the drain.

Disposing food waste and grease in the trash – not down the drain – is one of the easiest ways to maintain a smooth operation and prevent a backup. There is no way around it: grease and debris will eventually make their way down the drain, and your grease trap won’t stop them. But proper waste management will help prevent clogs and backups in the future.


Don’t do it by yourself.

The grease trap may be cleaned well with some do-it-yourself products by breaking down grease and fat, but this is only sometimes the case. The enzyme may cause additional problems down the road if it simply separates the product. The right tools, such as experience and knowledge of federal and state laws, are available to professionals.  


Don’t forget to clean your trap regularly

Having a grease trap cleaned only a few times a year is simply wrong, and, depending on the local laws or how to clean a grease trap, a fine could end up being levied on your business.

The law in most establishments requires that grease traps be properly maintained and cleaned every 90 days according to the requirements of the law. Some states require 60-day cleaning and grease trap repair in Bellevue as a part of these requirements.

The cost of not scheduling these cleanings could be high.


Don’t clean your grease trap with enzymes or solvents

Grease trap cleaning in Tacoma by professionals if you want to ensure that everything is done properly.

You might think that handling fats, oils, and grease with solvents or enzymes would be convenient, but there is no scientific evidence that these methods are effective.

Often, these products separate grease from water without breaking it down. Thus, grease gets clogged up in the wastewater system due to this action. Furthermore, these products may contain questionable ingredients. You may be prohibited from using them by your state or city.


Why is it Important to Maintain your Grease trap?

The importance of maintenance and grease trap repair in olympia can be attributed to several factors. Oil and grease can be collected in grease traps, but their capacity is limited. Grease traps become less effective at capturing grease as they become filled with fats. Grease traps that become clogged over time affect plumbing systems, which can cause obstructions in municipal water systems and clog pipes in businesses.

Grease traps and pipes break down due to deterioration caused by grease, oil, and fatty substances. Grease can also damage your plumbing system and grease trap and block water flow in pipes. It can be time-consuming and costly for grease trap repair in federal way that is clogged. A few hundred dollars saved on repairs and part replacements can accumulate over a few years by investing in routine maintenance.



Professional grease trap cleaning in auburn will keep your grease trap in good working order. West Coast Grease offers premier grease trap maintenance in the community and understands its importance. Call us today to schedule grease trap repair in auburn and to learn more about our services.

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