Everything You Need To Know About Grease Trap Cleaning

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Everything You Need To Know About Grease Trap Cleaning

It may not seem out of place to need a grease trap, given that your sinks will need filters to help prevent grease from building up. By grease trap cleaning in olympia, your grease won’t build up, which might make cleaning it much more difficult in the future.

Different grease trap variants might make cleaning your grease trap difficult-but. Don’t worry! Here are some points to consider when cleaning your grease trap. In this way, you will be prepared in case of a septic tank emergency before you need to call a professional.


Why do Grease traps need to be cleaned?

When FOG waste builds up in the grease trap in Olympia over time, it will eventually reach a point where the trap cannot hold any more grease. Once this happens, the grease might overflow into your main waterways, posing serious problems. Overflows can damage grease traps and plumbing systems and drain into other areas of your building. 


Depending on the severity of the backup, you may even have to pay hefty fines if it affects the city’s waterways. You can face several threats to the natural environment from outdoor grease runoff, and unkempt grease traps make your clientele highly aware of them—especially if they hinder you from passing a health inspection. However, proper grease trap cleaning in auburn can easily prevent these issues.


The Procedure for Grease Trap Cleaning


Find the grease traps.

Outdoor grease traps in Seattle can be spotted by their septic tank plans or drain vent covers. Indoor oil traps are on the premises of a food establishment.

In an indoor location, however, it would probably be placed in the café’s storm cellar (directly below the kitchen sink), under the kitchen sink, or on a blazing metal surface.

Identify the Grease Trap Size

It is imperative to determine the capacity of the oil trap when determining whether to hire a technician to clean it or to clean it yourself. A grease trap cleaning in Bellevue with a capacity of 500 to 2500 gallons will require competent hardware and prepping, and kitchen workers can clean a trap with fewer than 500 gallons.

The water in the grease trap needs to cool.

Let the water cool down for ten to fifteen minutes after the sink has been emptied of all hot water and wastewater. Cool water will cause oil, grease, and fat to float on top of the water. 

Carefully lift the tank cover.

Taking off the cover without taking preventive measures can cause damage to the gasket, a delicate part. A crowbar will help you lift it if it is not bolted down. 

Water Surface Grease Removal

Remove the upper layer of grease using a filter or scoop. Using the shop vacuum, clean the trap lid, sides, and baffles. Remove any hardened oil particles from the snare openings using the shop vac. If you wish a grease trap repair in Tacoma carefully, use the shop vacuum to remove any waiting FOG.

Cleaning the grease trap with a scrubber

Remove offensive odors from the oil trap and the tank with a steel pot scrubber, dish soap, and lukewarm water. Ensure all the grease traps, perplexes, covers, and sides are thoroughly clean.

Pour water down the sink

You next need to flush a gallon of water down the drain and observe whether it runs smoothly through the grease trap pumping in the Bellevue process without any clogs. 


Grease Trap Cleaning Maintenance

The proper maintenance of your commercial grease trap is vital to ensure optimum performance. When grease trap pumping in Seattle is done properly, they can provide years of convenient use. Whenever there is a grease leak in the local water system, get it out of hand before things get out.

Is it time to replace it? If your grease trap does not filter grease from wastewater, perpetually backs up, becomes extremely difficult to clean, or emits bad odors in your kitchen, you should consider replacing it.

It is recommended to use a grease trap pumping in federal way service at least every two months or more frequently if the excess waste has accumulated or the issues mentioned above have occurred. Hire professional and reliable commercial services to ensure your grease trap is in good working condition throughout the year.


Hire West Coast Grease Traps for your Grease Trap Cleaning.


With nearly a decade of grease trap maintenance experience, West Coast Grease Traps has worked with hundreds of different types of businesses, from restaurants to schools, hotels, and hospitals.

To ensure your food establishment complies with local ordinances regarding grease trap maintenance, West Coast Grease Traps offers regular grease trap cleaning.

A skilled technician arrives at the site to clean and repair the grease trap in a federal way if necessary. Specialists use appropriate tools to unclog difficult-to-reach areas of the grease trap. We offer full grease trap cleaning reports and historical information to help you keep track of your grease traps.

When disposing of grease trap waste, West Coast Grease Traps technicians adhere to municipal and state regulations.



Looking for grease trap repair in auburn? Call West Coast Grease Trap today!

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