Everything You Need to Know about Hydro Jetting
Everything You Need to Know about Hydro Jetting

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Everything You Need to Know about Hydro Jetting

Sometimes, neither a plunger nor a drain snake will be enough to clear a stubborn clog, especially for places with grease traps. Hydro jetting, which uses a high-pressure stream of water to clean drains, is offered by a drain cleaning professional for grease trap pumping in Seattle. Blockages in sewer lines are especially tough since they are hidden deep within your plumbing system. The following is a brief guide that explores everything about hydro jetting in Bellevue!

When it is Needed


A hydro jetting procedure is preferred by plumbers if there are severe recurring clogs in the water system. Mineral buildup and debris are often found inside pipes, which causes clogging and slow draining. Sewer backups can occur as a result of this issue escalating. In this case, dirty water may get into your house if the plumbing system is blocked.

High-pressure water is pumped through the pipes when hydro jetting in Federal way is used to resolve such drain problems. Gravity causes the pipes to clear up as the jet works with gravity.

The smell of your kitchen sink and its tendency to clog up repeatedly are indicators that you may need hydro jetting. Professionals can remove obstructions in your pipes and give you peace of mind. If hydro jetting is not a solution, you may need to speak with service about possible inspections and grease trap pumping in Bellevue.


Risk of Hydro jetting


An amateur plumber should not attempt hydro jetting in Olympia. Moreover, depending on the condition of the pipes, it may not work. It’s important to be careful before opting for hydro jetting as it may worsen the situation if it isn’t necessary.

Hydro jetting involves the flow of a large volume of high-pressure water. A professional with experience in grease trap pumping in federal way should be hired for this process due to its high risk. Ultimately, you do not want someone experimenting with your plumbing system and causing even more damage to it.

Hydro jetting isn’t recommended if root infestation has damaged the pipes. Pipes will only be damaged further by the high pressure of the water. A compromised waterproof coating on the pipe will also prevent hydro jetting from working.

Ensure the service you hire for grease trap repair in Auburn thoroughly inspects the pipes before you embark on a hydro jetting journey. Video camera equipment is essential for visual inspections of plumbing systems. You can then make an informed decision, preventing further damage to the plumbing system.

Is Hydro Jetting Eco-Friendly?


Hydro-jetting is just as environmentally friendly as whatever you use to clean your drains.

Take a look at it. Water is the only thing that jetting adds to your clogged pipes and drains. Draino, lye, and other toxic chemicals found in drain clog removers cannot be found in hydro-jetting machines. There is nothing else but water.

If you need grease trap repair in Tacoma during the procedure, then if you don’t pour a whole gallon of drain cleaner down right before the pipe bursts, you won’t harm the local groundwater with your plumbing procedures.


Signs that You need to jet Your pipes

How do you know if your drains need hydro-jetting? You should be on the lookout for a couple of tell-tale signs.

  • You keep getting clogs in your pipes.

Grease trap in Olympia and drains that repeatedly clog are commonly cleared with hydro-jetting. Your pipes clogging frequently are usually caused by a build-up of debris around their inside walls. With a drain snake, you might be able to remove large obstructions from your pipes, but you will likely not address the problem at its core. Your pipes need a hydro-jetting session to be cleaned thoroughly. Using this method, you can remove all of the cruds your snake cannot reach.

  • Your lines haven’t been cleaned in a while

It seems obvious when we say it aloud but think about it for a moment. How often do you think about your sewer lines? How long has it been since you last cleaned your sewer lines? Most of the time, you shouldn’t think about your pipes, but regular maintenance is a good idea. To prevent plumbing emergencies, you should hydro-jet your sewer lines and other drains with high traffic once every few years. With hydro-jetting, you won’t have any more problems as long as you continue your regular maintenance.

  • It’s taking longer for your pipes to drain.

Do you have a problem draining your bathroom sink? Is the shower tub filled without the plug in place? A plumber is needed if that is the case! Hydro-jetting those grease trap in Seattle sound like a good idea. Your pipes could be clogged with buildup causing slow drains. There is also a possibility that a slow drain is a symptom of a more extensive blockage. In any case, your pipes need to be checked by a professional if they are acting up.

Schedule a Hydro Jetting Services Today


If you are experiencing frequent clogs in your water system, West Coast Grease Traps is the best for hydro jetting. When debris, grease, and minerals build up in the interior of pipes, slow draining occurs. Eventually, this problem can lead to sewer backups when hydro jetting becomes useful.


Our tried-and-true method eliminates clogs, obstructions, and unpleasant odors rapidly and efficiently. Hydro jetting provides long-term relief for your home rather than using do-it-yourself drain cleaning chemicals.

Whenever you see any signs of clogged drains in your home, call us right away! Our team would love to discuss the benefits of hydro jetting in Auburn with you.

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