Is Hydro Jetting Harmful for My Pipes?
Is Hydro Jetting Harmful for My Pipes

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Is Hydro Jetting Harmful for My Pipes?

A hydro-jetting treatment is an excellent method for clearing serious plumbing obstructions. So let’s take a closer look at it. Does it always pose a threat to your pipes?

There are times when plungers and drain snakes won’t cut it when it comes to clogging tough drains. Hydro Jets are very handy when unclogging blocked drains—instead of poking a hole in the debris clogging up your drain, a hydro jet clears the pipe completely, especially during grease trap pumping in Bellevue.

Homeowners, however, are concerned about the safety of this method. There are several exceptions to the rule, but hydro jetting in auburn is usually a safe and effective method of cleaning your pipes. 


Will Hydro-Jetting Cause Pipe Damage?

Hydro jetting in Bellevue is generally considered a safe process for water pipes as long as they have not been damaged (the pipe has a crack or was compromised in some way in the past). The same applies if the pipe is an older one (which is often the case in older houses). 

Services for grease trap pumping in Federal way ensure that the pipes can handle the pressure of the water before providing hydro jetting by using a small camera to examine the pipes before using the pressure water.


Is it safe to use hydro-jetting to clean older pipes?

Older pipes may be vulnerable to failure when hydro jetted due to the pressurized water stream putting more stress on them than they can handle. Clogged pipes may cause slow drainage, bad odors, or slow draining from your sinks if your pipes are older. Even though snakes aren’t easy to install, they can also put as much strain on your pipes as hydro jetting if they’re old or worn. 

Choosing the right cleaning solution for older pipes of grease traps in Olympia can be challenging to prevent damage to your existing plumbing. You may need to replace sections of your piping system if they are fragile and you’re experiencing drain blockages and drainage problems. In hydro jetting, pressurized water is used to dislodge blockages in your pipes, but the pressure is gentle enough that most plumbing professionals consider it safe and effective.

Hydro jetting in federal way can cause injury to your pipes if you don’t do it correctly because they may be old, but it is not an issue of age as much as it is about the condition of your older pipes. It is generally considered one of the most effective and reliable ways to clean drains. As time goes by, some homeowners are worried about their aging pipes because they tend to weaken over time and are less able to withstand the pressure from the water stream used during hydro jetting. Any pipe can be treated with this. 

There are only a few scenarios where it could be problematic, particularly if the pipes were already damaged. To ensure that your grease trap in Seattle pipes is protected regarding hydro jetting drain cleaning, you need to find a qualified and experienced plumbing professional to get the job done.


Is it safe to use hydro-jetting on PVC pipes?

A hydro-jetting process is also safe for newer pipe systems, such as PVC pipes, which are made of plastic. Hydro jetting in Olympia involves a great deal of pressure, and PVC pipes are durable and can handle these high pressures well. 

One important aspect to consider is that the nozzles used to pump the water inside the pipes are designed at an angle that prevents the pressure from hitting the inside pipes with full force when the water is pumped inside. It is necessary for a trained expert to continuously shift the hose during hydro-jetting to avoid potential damage to the equipment.


What Types of Pipes Can You Use Hydro-Jetting On?

One of the crucial advantages of hydro-jetting is that it does not use any chemicals in the process; this helps avoid unforeseen grease trap repair in Tacoma. Furthermore, it is one of the most efficient and safest ways to clean your pipes. There is no doubt that hydro-jetting is 100% safe for all types of pipes, including:

  • Clay pipes
  • Steel pipe
  • Cast iron pipe
  • Cement sewer lines
  • Resin-based lines



We at West Coast Grease Traps have established hydro jetting as one of our most important services because it is versatile, powerful, cost-effective, and effective. We can accurately pinpoint and blast away pipe blockages with our state-of-the-art drain camera solutions. With our high-pressure drain cleaning equipment, our contractors ensure that your pipes will remain in good condition after the job is completed. 

Let West Coast Grease Traps handle your drainage issues, grease trap pumping in Seattle,

 and sewer jetting needs – we have all the know-how, tools, and experience to restore your pipes to proper working order. You can reach out to us by phone or email, and we’ll respond promptly.

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