Safeguard Your Business With Effective Grease Trap Pumping: Learn How
Safeguard Your Business With Effective Grease Trap Pumping

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Safeguard Your Business With Effective Grease Trap Pumping: Learn How



A clogged grease trap can harm a business in a number of ways. A blocked grease trap can create a foul smell that can turn away potential customers from your restaurant. Sales and foot traffic may suffer as a result. Backed-up sinks and grease and oil in sink water are the signs of a clogged grease trap. These problems can interfere with a company’s regular operations, leading to downtime and loss of income. The growth of germs, mildew, and other dangerous microorganisms can result from a clogged grease trap. Customers and staff may be exposed to health risks, resulting in sicknesses and legal ramifications for the business. This article is all about the tips and tricks that you need to consider for grease trap cleaning in Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way, Olympia, and Auburn so that it will neither hurt your budget nor your business. 


How do you know if the grease trap is clogged?


A clogged grease trap can be the reason behind multiple problems, including clogged drains, the slow movement of wastewater, and foul odors, or it may lead to health problems for employees, customers, and staff. There are certain signs which can be a clear indication of clogged grease traps, including:

  • Slow-moving water in floor drains or the sink
  • The odor of burned grease or oil
  • Grease may appear in plumbing lines.
  • Backups and frequent pumping of the tank

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to act swiftly and get the grease trap cleaned as quickly as possible. 

We recommend you not clean up the grease trap by yourself and take the help of a professional.


What is the best way to unclog a grease trap?

Just as taking precautions to avoid a blocked grease trap is the greatest way to save money in the long run, prevention is always preferable to cure. But, rather than trying to fix it on your own, get professional assistance.

Remove the lid of the grease trap first, then examine the components. You must be aware of the components and their precise locations when removing and replacing parts during clean-up. Drawing a diagram of the grease trap’s interior will help you get better outcomes because you can keep track of all the components.


Once you’ve removed the lid, drain any standing water from the grease trap’s tank with a small bucket. Using the scraper, remove any remaining oil from the lid, baffle, and trap sides. When you’re finished, use the steel pot scrubber to clean every component of the trap.

You must refrain from pouring oil down the drain if you want to keep it from clogging. Alternatively, you can flush it out by pouring boiling water down the drain.



How Often should one Clean a Grease Trap?


It depends on several factors that how frequently you should clean up the grease trap. These aspects include the size of the grease trap, the amount of grease produced, and the rules or regulations enforced by the local authorities.

Most manufacturers will recommend cleaning the grease trap every 1 to 3 months. According to some of the local regulations, restaurants must clean up their grease traps every 90 days of span.

It is crucial to review all the rules and guidelines. To book a grease trap cleaning service, it would be wise to speak with a licensed plumber or a grease trap service provider.


Save Time and Hassle: Let the Experts Handle Your Grease Trap Maintenance

West Coast Grease Traps offers grease trap cleaning services in your locality in Tacoma, Auburn, Seattle, and nearby areas. We also provide pumping and maintenance services as well. As grease and debris build in the trap, it will fill up and must be cleaned regularly by professionals in order to prevent bad odors, health dangers, and plumbing issues. We offer qualified cleaning services to guarantee the safety and proper disposal of grease. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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