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mcdonalds-logoMcDonalds like many large restaurant chains use large national grease traps service providers who in many cases are not available to provide emergency onsite service. Recently West Coast Grease Traps was able to provide McDonald’s with our service to clean up one of their large grease traps that was full and backing up. McDonald’s corporate representatives was pleased to see that WCGS was able to prevent possible backflow and prevent any major drainage issues.

They know in the future they can count on us to provide our services. ™ The McDonalds name and logo are property of McDonald’s Corp, all rights reserved.

Common Problems:
These photos depict the most common issues we find under sink grease traps. These grease traps were not properly serviced by their providers and were seriously past due for service thus resulting in drainage backups.

You will be assured after cleaning your grease traps WCGT will properly test and make sure it’s working properly.

Ceiling Mounted Grease Traps and
Low Clearance Parking Garages:

Another common problem for restaurant owners that have grease traps located in parking garages is finding an affordable grease traps service provider with the proper equipment that is able to reach the proper location of the trap inside the limited spacing available within the garages.

West Coast Grease Traps has put together a fleet of vacuum pump trucks to specifically handle all parking garage grease traps and grease interceptors. We don’t require a large vacuum truck parked outside running hundreds of feet of hose to reach your site within the confined space of a garage. This avoids the need for extra personnel and permits to control the traffic of people and to avoid running over their hoses means a huge cost savings to you.

Long Distances and Unreachable Grease Traps:
The accessibility of your grease traps might require long distances of hose and in some cases hundreds of feet of hose. As an example, one of our customers owns a very large shopping center in Seattle that has two very difficult grease interceptors in a parking garage but were unable to find a service provider that would handle their service needs.

At WCGT we find solutions to difficult challenges and after snaking our large pumper truck to a very tight parking lot you can see we had to run over three hundred feet of hose to get the job done.

Finding practical and cost effective solutions to such challenges is how WCGT is changing industry standards.