Kent WA Grease Trap Services

Kent is located on the southern side of King County just off highway 167 and is the 6th largest city in the state. The city features a distinct mix of residential, commercial, and industrial, with most of its businesses and manufacturing being in the Valley. Kent is home to several different businesses, most notably the Boeing Kent Space Center and the Amazon Fulfillment Center. The city also features an abundance of restaurants and shopping centers, with Kent Station being a particularly popular location!

Like Seattle and other cities in King County, Kent has made environmentally sustainable and safe business practices a major priority. This is particularly true regarding the disposal of waste produced by restaurants and other food service establishments (FSE), including fats, oils, and grease (FOG).

West Coast Grease Traps has been proudly providing grease trap repair, maintenance, and installation services to the businesses of Kent since 2011. We work directly with business owners to create maintenance plans specifically designed for your business to make sure your grease trap is clean and your business can continue running smoothly.


Grease Trap Cleaning in Kent

The Kent City Code 7.04.180 requires grease traps be cleaned at minimum when the volume of FOG makes up 25 percent of the tank volume or there is visible FOG buildup obstructing the inlet or outlet. Grease traps are the most effective means of preventing FOG and waste discharge; however, to remain effective, it is critical that your Grease trap be consistently cleaned. The fuller a grease trap becomes, the less effective it becomes at intercepting FOG and other waste before it reaches the sewer lines.

At West Coast Grease Traps, we do not take any chances. We fully pump out your grease trap, removing and transporting all FOG and waste to a state-approved bio-recycling facility for proper disposal.


Grease Trap Repair & Installation in Kent

Normal wear-and-tear is unavoidable and to be expected for most grease traps. However, if not cared for consistently and properly, grease traps can start to malfunction and stop working. Issues can also arise if a grease trap is installed improperly. In any case, a malfunctioning, broken, or improperly installed grease trap can create a huge mess, resulting in costly repairs and potential shutdowns of your business.

Thankfully, our licensed technicians have the skill and equipment to repair any HGI or GGI grease trap as well as provide installation and setup for new above-ground grease traps!

Grease Trap Repair

Grease Trap Maintenance Program in Kent

Consistent grease trap maintenance is key to keeping a successful restaurant running smoothly. Irregular and inconsistent maintenance increases the likelihood of problems such as waste discharge, pipe blockages, and repairs. These are not only a major operational inconvenience, but can also be expensive depending on their severity. This is why we offer ongoing Grease Trap Maintenance.

Our maintenance programs are specifically designed around your schedule and needs, ensuring your grease traps are regularly serviced and always compliant with Kent City Code!

Grease Trap Maintenance










As Washington’s fastest growing grease trap service provider, we take pride in what we do. We want to be a part of your business’s ongoing grease trap cleaning and maintenance solutions.