Puyallup WA Grease Trap Services

Located in the central part of northern Pierce County is the City of Puyallup. The city features abundant rural farmland with quaint residential neighborhoods sprinkled throughout. The South Hill neighborhood is easily Puyallup’s most bustling location, with countless restaurants, diners, grocery stores, and shops surrounding Meridian Avenue. The historic Downtown Puyallup is also home to many local diners and attractions, including the popular Washington State Fair Grounds.

As with its neighbor Tacoma, the City of Puyallup has developed strict municipal codes regarding the installation and maintenance of approved grease interceptors, more commonly known as grease traps. This includes the presence and maintenance of an appropriately sized grease trap at any restaurant or food service establishment (FSE) as well as proper disposal of fats, oils, and grease (FOG).

West Coast Grease Traps got its start in Puyallup in 2011 and we are still proudly serving its many businesses. We work directly with the many business owners to provide grease trap repair, installation services, and comprehensive maintenance plans based on your business’s needs.


Grease Trap Cleaning in Puyallup

In accordance with City of Puyallup Municipal Code 14.06.031, unless otherwise approved by an administrator, all commercial grease traps must be completely pumped out every three months. They may need to be pumped out sooner if the accumulation of surface FOG reaches 25% of the tank capacity prior to the three-month-mark. This is to ensure proper operation of your grease trap and prevent the discharge of FOG and solid waste into local sewer systems. As a grease trap becomes full, it becomes less effective at intercepting FOG.

We leave nothing to chance and fully pump out your grease trap at every cleaning, making sure that it is safely disposed of at a state-approved bio-recycling facility.


Grease Trap Repair & Installation in Puyallup

Damaged or malfunctioning grease traps can cause major issues for your business. If a grease trap is failing to efficiently separate and collect FOG or solid waste, this can cause your grease trap tank to fill quickly and potentially overflow. More importantly, however, this can also result in partial or complete blockage of your building’s sewers or the city’s publicly owned treatment works (POTW). This can result in major financial penalties and even a temporary shutdown of your business.

Thankfully, our licensed technicians have the skill and equipment to repair any HGI or GGI grease trap. We are also licensed and certified to install and setup new above-ground grease traps!

Grease Trap Repair

Grease Trap Maintenance in Puyallup

Regular grease trap maintenance is not only a good idea to keep your business running smoothly but is also a requirement of Puyallup Municipal Code. Any failure to maintain your grease trap that results in damages or excessive maintenance by the city can result in you being liable for repair costs and other penalties per Ord. 2881 § 1, 2007.

This is where our ongoing Grease Trap Maintenance can help. Our plans are built around the needs and schedule of your business. You receive priority scheduling, ensuring that your grease trap is regularly pumped and inspected and that your business can continue to function unabated.

Grease Trap Maintenance










As Washington’s fastest growing grease trap service provider, we take pride in what we do. We want to be a part of your business’s ongoing grease trap cleaning and maintenance solutions.