Renton WA Grease Trap Services

Renton is situated in the center of King County along the southeastern shore of Lake Washington. The 8th largest city in the state, Renton has long been major manufacturing and commerce center for Washington. The city has long been the home of Paccar and Boeing’s Commercial Airplanes Division and has also served as the home for the Seahawks’ training facility, the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, since 2008. There are countless restaurants and areas for indoor and outdoor recreation, from the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park to the Family Fun Center in nearby Tukwila!

As with other cities in King County, Renton has followed the path paved by Seattle and Bellevue regarding environmentally safe and sustainable business practices. This includes the regular maintenance of Grease Traps and the disposal of waste such as Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG). Since 2011, West Coast Grease Traps has proudly provided Grease Trap repair and maintenance solutions for the businesses of Renton. Working directly with business owners, create customized maintenance plans to ensure your Grease Trap is clean, functional, and compliant with King County and statewide regulations.


Grease Trap Cleaning in Renton

As per King County and the Interagency Resource for Achieving Cooperation (IRAC), all businesses that produce Fats, Oils, and Grease must have an approved and regularly maintained Grease Trap. Grease Traps become increasingly ineffective the fuller they become, and grease can quickly congeal and obstruct sewage and drainage lines, causing backups and toxic fumes. FOG discharge can also incur severe financial penalties, potentially resulting in indefinite closures of your business.

To make sure this does not happen, we fully pump, remove, transport, and dispose of all FOG and solid waste from your Grease Trap tank at a state-approved bio-recycling facility.


Grease Trap Repair & Installation in Renton

Grease Traps endure a significant amount of wear and tear. While some is a result of normal use and unavoidable, irregular maintenance or use of improper cleaning tools and solutions can damage your Grease Trap and cause it to malfunction. This can result in built up solid waste and FOG to overflow, drainage clogs, wastewater backups, and numerous other problems that are both messy and expensive.

Our technicians are skilled, equipped, and licensed to repair both interior Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors and exterior Gravity Grease Interceptors for your Renton business. We are also licensed to provide installation and setup for new above ground Grease Traps!

Grease Trap Repair

Grease Trap Maintenance in Renton

Keeping your Grease Trap maintenance up to date is crucial to keeping your business open. The longer your Grease Trap goes without being fully cleaned, the higher the chance of clogs, backed up pipes, and sanitary sewer overflow resulting in FOG being discharged into local sewer systems

West Coast Grease Traps offers ongoing maintenance programs specifically designed to meet the needs of your business as well as Renton and King County regulations. Enjoy priority scheduling, fewer headaches, and peace of mind knowing your Grease Trap will receive routine maintenance!

Grease Trap Maintenance










As Washington’s fastest growing grease trap service provider, we take pride in what we do. We want to be a part of your business’s ongoing grease trap cleaning and maintenance solutions.