Olympia FOG Regulations

Olympia FOG Regulations

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Since 2011, West Coast Grease Traps has provided the commercial kitchens of King and Pierce County with customized solutions to drainage issues and custom grease trap maintenance programs. We also help our customers develop effective Best Management Practices to control the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) by combining comprehensive inspection services with preventative education.

Unlike other grease trap companies that just skim the top of the grease trap, we pump out and dispose of 100% of your grease trap’s content. This extends the life of your grease trap and keeps your drain pipes clear while also ensuring your grease traps are in complete compliance with all city and statewide regulations.


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Olympia FOG Regulations

For the last several years, the City of Olympia has been working to develop educational efforts to help reduce and eliminate the discharge of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) into local sewer systems. Working in cooperation with LOTT Clean Water Alliance (Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston County), the city has been able to regularly survey its FOG-producing food service establishments (FSEs). By doing so, Olympia has been able to be extremely proactive in providing technical assistance and guidance to help local FSEs reach compliance and wastewater pretreatment standards outlined in OMC 13.20.

FOG Prohibitions and Grease Traps

Similar to other cities in Western Washington, Olympia’s Municipal Code has clear guidelines and regulations regarding Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) universally adopted by all of Thurston County. This includes prohibitions of waste discharge into POTWs, including but not limited to FOG. Per OMC 13.08.150 and OMC 13.20.050, the discharge of any waste or water containing FOG, regardless of accepted state and federal Maximum Concentration Limit, is prohibited.

Olympia Municipal Code also states that, at the discretion of the Executive Director and City, any waste-producing business, has an appropriately sized grease trap installed and regularly serviced. Furthermore, all grease traps must be in compliance with not only City and State rules and regulations, but also those of the Uniform Plumbing Code. Grease Traps are an integral part of any effective water pretreatment plan. Regular service and maintenance of a grease trap will not only keep your business in compliance with Olympia and LOTT, but will also minimize damage, clogs, or blockage of your pipes, keeping your FSE running smoothly.

LOTT Clean Water Alliance Best Management Practices

The City of Olympia and LOTT have created comprehensive best management practices (BMPs) for FSEs and other FOG producing businesses to minimize waste discharge, particularly in regard to grease trap maintenance. If the level of FOG exceeds 25% of the tank capacity, ANY grease trap will become ineffective and waste will start to be discharged. How often you fully service your grease trap, however, can vary depending on the size of your grease trap and the rate at which your business produces waste. For lower volume grease traps, LOTT and the City of Olympia recommend skimming floating grease out of the trap at least once a week and thoroughly cleaning your trap every 1 to 2 months.

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Since 2011, we at West Coast Grease Traps have been providing professional grease trap services to the businesses of Olympia and Thurston County. We go above and beyond the recommendations of Olympia Municipal Code and LOTT, fully pumping out your grease trap each time it is serviced, keeping your business in compliance and your mind at ease. We also offer ongoing maintenance tailored specifically schedule and the needs of your business. Call us today to schedule an inspection!