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Since 2011, West Coast Grease Traps has provided the commercial kitchens of King and Pierce County with customized solutions to drainage issues and custom grease trap maintenance programs. We also help our customers develop effective Best Management Practices to control the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) by combining comprehensive inspection services with preventative education.

Unlike other grease trap companies that just skim the top of the grease trap, we pump out and dispose of 100% of your grease trap’s content. This extends the life of your grease trap and keeps your drain pipes clear while also ensuring your grease traps are in complete compliance with all city and statewide regulations.


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Hydro-Jetting Services

Even if your grease traps are maintained regularly, excess fats, oils, and grease (FOG) can still be discharged into your pipes and sewer lines.

As it discharges, FOG and other solid waste material will start to accumulate on the inside of your drain line, which can lead to the pipes becoming clogged. As a result, your kitchen is likely to experience major backups in your grease traps, sinks, floor drains, and dishwashers.

  • This can cause many issues for your business, including:
  • Terrible odors being emitted from drains
  • Wastewater backflowing into kitchen sinks, floor drains, and dishwashers
  • Health hazards to staff and customers
  • Costly damage to city sewer lines
  • Potential city-mandated shut down of establishment until the issue is resolved

Unfortunately, if your pipes are clogged, cleaning your grease trap is not going to be enough to fix the issue. This is why we recommend our hydro-jetting service.


Hydro-jetting is an effective and environmentally safe way to fully clear and clean the inside of your drain lines. Unlike snaking or chemical pipe cleaners (which can be ineffective or harmful to the environment), hydro-jetting is extremely effective and completely chemical-free.

Utilizing a specialized nozzle and hose, we shoot high-pressure water into your drain line from your grease trap to the city sewer line. The high-pressure water dissolves all obstructions in the pipe, allowing water to flow freely. It also cuts through and removes all fat, oil, grease, and waste residue clinging to the inside of your pipe.

As the nozzle is removed, water forces the residual FOG and solid waste material back into the grease trap, from which it is vacuumed and disposed of. This helps to prevent the reformation of new FOG build-ups and subsequent clogs.

*Jetting is only available for kitchen floor drains and grease traps. We do NOT provide jetting for restrooms or toilets.

If your sinks, dishwashers, or floor drains are failing to drain, there’s a good chance that your pipes are clogged. An overflowing grease trap could also be an indication of a clog or blockage.


This can vary depending on your waste output and availability. At the very least, you should jet your pipes once a year to clear any waste buildup.


As a preventative measure, however, we recommend having your pipes jetted twice a year.

Hydro jetting in Auburn is one of the safest and most efficient ways to unclog plumbing pipes. To remove blockages from the whole diameter of the pipe, it uses a hose to push a continuous stream of high-pressure water through the pipes.

A thorough cleaning is necessary at least once a year for preventive drain measures. It is best to have the drain cleaned immediately if you constantly have backups and clogs. Contact West Coast Grease Traps for hydro jetting in Auburn and nearby areas.

If you want to keep your wastewater drainage system functioning properly, sewer jetting is a highly important, safe, non-invasive, and ecologically friendly procedure; regularly jetting your lines can avoid future obstructions and save a lot of aggravation, time, and money. You can trust West Coast Grease Traps for hydro jetting in Auburn and nearby areas.

Hydro jetting in Auburn is certainly costly. Yet it’s also the best way to clear a persistent or challenging sewage drain clog.