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Approximately 30 miles south of Seattle on the Puget Sound lies the City of Tacoma, Washington State’s third-largest city. Often referred to as “the City of Destiny” and “Grit City,” Tacoma is very unique compared to its neighbors. While other major metropolitan hubs in Western Washington have worked to rapidly modernize—and lost much of their historic identity and communities—Tacoma has managed to simultaneously preserve its history and identity while seeing a great deal of modern development. From the beautiful Point Defiance Park and Ruston Way waterfront to its vibrant neighborhoods and bustling downtown, Tacoma is a city that both celebrates and embodies its diverse history and culture!

Like other major cities in the Pacific Northwest, Tacoma has made significant strides over the last several decades in regards to the management of fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Working directly with local Food Service Establishments (FSEs), Tacoma has developed comprehensive Municipal Codes regulating the management of FOG, including grease trap installation and maintenance.

West Coast Grease Traps has been proudly serving the businesses of Tacoma since 2011, providing cleaning, repair, maintenance, and installation services for their grease traps. We work directly with business owners help develop Best Management Practices (BMPs) specifically tailored to the needs that will keep your kitchen compliant with Tacoma’s Municipal Codes and Pierce County regulations!


Grease Trap Cleaning in Tacoma

Regular and proper cleaning of your Grease Traps is imperative to keeping your kitchen up and running. As your Grease Trap tank gets full, the likelihood of clogs and waste/FOG being discharged into local sewers increases significantly. This can potentially obstruct sewer lines, contaminate local waterways, and, as a result, incur severe penalties and fines for your business.

As such, TMC 12.08 has mandated that all Grease Traps be fully pumped out during regularly scheduled cleanings. At West Coast Grease Traps, we not only fully pump out all FOG and solid waste from your Grease Trap tank, but also remove and transport it to a state-approved bio-recycling facility!


Grease Trap Repair & Installation in Tacoma

Damaged or malfunctioning Grease Traps can cause major problems for a business. If your Grease Trap is filling too quickly or leaking, it’s likely that FOG is making its way through the trap into the sewer. It is also important that you are using the appropriate size and style of Grease Trap for your business: according to the City of Tacoma’s Grease Interceptor & Sizing Policy, any newly constructed FSE that produces any amount of FOG must have an “appropriately-sized” Gravity Grease Interceptor (GGI) installed. Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors (HGIs) may be allowed in certain instances, but only when engineers have determined a GGI to be less effective in relation to your business’ FOG output.

We at West Coast Grease Traps are certified to repair both type GGIs and HGIs. We can also install and set up all above ground Grease Traps for your Tacoma business!

Grease Trap Repair

Grease Trap Maintenance in Tacoma

Regular maintenance is a critical component when developing effective Best Management Practices (BMPs) for FOG management. It is also crucial to ensuring your Grease Trap and kitchen continue working effectively. Tacoma has put forth the City of Tacoma Fats, Oils, and Grease Program, stipulating that all GGIs must be fully cleaned at minimum twice a year and that all HGIs at minimum once a month. The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s Best Management Practices for Restaurants has also put out very clear guidelines regarding proper maintenance, FOG disposal, and record keeping.

Let West Coast Grease Traps be a part of your FOG protection plan! We offer ongoing maintenance programs specifically tailored to the needs of your Grease Trap and business. This includes regularly scheduled full pump-outs and thorough documentation of your maintenance history. All of our clients also receive priority scheduling for any Grease Trap related services!

Grease Trap Maintenance










As Washington’s fastest growing grease trap service provider, we take pride in what we do. We want to be a part of your business’s ongoing grease trap cleaning and maintenance solutions.